Melting Caterpillar MAM_3.2beta

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Same GREAT MAM FLAVOUR but with none of that nervous, jittery feeling you get from other MAM tribes. Fast and Dense, yet saturated with those BSE holes that are oh-so-trendy.

I've had it with these mother F*#+%ing eyes on this mother F*#+%ing bra!


It's like that part in the Star Wars novel where Lando makes hot chocolate.

Officially, Dubya ain't the President, Delay is an asshole and Starbucks doesn't really exist.

A MAM Tribe for members of Tribes on
(Is that meta enough for you?)

NOTE: When asking to join, please tell me which tribe(s) you currently member. Thanks!

Moderators Against Moderation 3.2_beta_opensource

When Satan is knocking at your door, simply say,
"Jesus, could you please get that for me?"

Does civilized, non-dusty lifestyle leave you nauseous and confused? Do seek more inner peace? Are you a happy person?

Only those things which one finds true for himself are true. C-ORG is a voyage of self-discovery.


Yes, I believe we should find someplace warm and quiet to sit and get to know each other. After all, you saved my life. And you know what that means in the Orient.

Yes, it's true. No matter how many incarnations this tribe goes through all I see is the rotted out husk of a herbivorous reptilian wombat.

No, those boots aint made for walkin, they are geriatric sneakers. You know, the kind the nurses wear with the big sloping soles. Very comfortable but completely harmless..

Do you just want to be against turkey? Welcome to our sanctuary.

What for have you come? Well there's not a contract, and there is no dollar. Come and leave as you please. Or don't.

We're also against slime molds and Cheeze (cause it's intentionally misspelled...)

Oh, and I forgot: The unsubbing will continue until morale improves.

Now in preliminary BETA release with extra carotene!

Attribution required for all non-MAM_3.2beta_OpenSource usage. Share&Share alike.

East Coast Quake MAM_3.2beta->September 12, 2011
San Bruno BBQ MAM_3.2beta->August 24, 2011
Tiny Cartoon Penis MAM_3.2beta->Sept 10, 2010
Duck Rock MAM_3.2beta->June 14, 2010
Monkey Funeral MAM_3.2beta->April 9, 2010
Cocktail Acid MAM_3.2beta->Jan 23, 2010
pronounced ah-cye-EE MAM_3.2beta->May 6, 2009
SuperVolcano MAM_3.2beta->Mar 12, 2009
Pain of Disco MAM_3.2beta-->Dec 30, 2008
Thalweg Principle MAM_3.2beta --> April 29, 2008
Magical Raccoon Testicle MAM_3.2beta-->Jan 27, 2008
Goyisher Kopf MAM_3.2beta-->Dec 1, 2007
Witch's Skin MAM_3.2beta-->Nov 28, 2007
Mandated Silence MAM_3.2beta-->Oct 31, 2007
Queers for Clears MAM_3.2beta-->Oct 16, 2007
Blaque Rock Indigents MAM_3.2beta-->Oct 8, 2007
Black Rock IntelliGents MAM_3.2beta-->Sept 30, 2007
Black Rock Intelligence MAM_3.2beta-->Sept 27, 2007
Leave the Playa Early MAM_3.2beta-->August 30, 2007 (only a few hours)
Drink the Kool-Aid MAM_3.2beta->Aug 30, 2006
I F**ked your iPhone MAM_3.2beta-->August 7, 2007
Fuck your iPhone MAM_3.2beta-->July 12, 2007
Star-Spangled All-American MAM_3.2beta-->June 30, 2007
Watch Mr. Wizard MAM_3.2beta-->June 19, 2007
Pappy Baluta & Sons MAM_3.2beta-->June 13, 2007
Radical Cleric Falwell MAM_3.2beta-->June 11, 2007
Meat-ball Suck MAM_3.2beta--May 16, 2007
Shotgun Suck MAM_3.2beta-->May 7, 2007
MIN imal MAM_3.2beta-->March 7, 2007
Finn Family Moomintroll MAM_3.2beta-->Jan 26, 2007
TMX MAM_3.2beta-->Dec 21, 2006
New! Improved! Instant! MAM_3.2beta-->Dec 19, 2006
Dead Man's Party MAM_3.2beta-->Nov 26, 2006
Mission Critical Cooling Solutions MAM-->Oct 31, 2006
smoke flavouring added MAM_3.2beta-->Oct 2, 2006
SAY YOU'RE WELCOME MAM_3.2beta-->Sept 18, 2006
Mark Pincus & the Antz MAM_3.2beta-->Sept 6, 2006
Like a Psychlo Ranger MAM_3.2beta-->August 29, 2006
Counterfeit Immunity Widgets MAM_3.2beta-->August 18, 2006
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy MAM_3.2beta-->August 9, 2006
Eyes on a Bra MAM_3.2_beta-->August 2, 2006
Syd's Psychedelic Corpse MAM_3.2_beta-->July 20, 2006
Ken Lay Memorial MAM_3.2_beta-->July 11, 2006
those "Lib Gals" MAM_3.2_beta-->July 7, 2006
POWERHUG MAM_3.2_beta--> June 20, 2006
Donald O'Connor MAM_3.2_beta-->June 16, 2006
lifey life MAM_3.2_beta-->June 10, 2006
memories of the sea MAM_3.2_beta-->June 6, 2006
NOT MY MAM_3.2_beta-->May 17,2006 (Atom was briefly mod)
YOUR MY MAM_3.2_beta-->May 15, 2006
MY MAM_3.2_beta-->May 2, 2006 (later that same day)
ST TOS MAM_3.2_beta-->May 2, 2006
weenis < penis MAM_3.2_beta-->April 21, 2006
Dan Brown is a Weenis MAM_3.2_beta-->April 20, 2006
Tom DeLay is a weenis MAM_3.2_beta-->April 7, 2006
Tom DeLay Ha!Ha!Ha! MAM_3.2_beta-->April 4, 2006
Ian Hamilton Finlay MAM_3.2_beta-->April 4, 2006
Buck Owens MAM_3.2_beta-->March 29, 2006
just like detroit! MAM_3.2_beta-->March 27, 2006
gynandromorph MAM_3.2_beta-->March 15, 2006
Chinese Gooseberry MAM_3.2_beta-->March 8, 2006 (well that was pointless)
Don Knotts MAM_3.2_beta-->March 2, 2006
Literate Pop-Apocalypse MAM_3.2_beta-->Feb 25, 2006
Angel of the Morning MAM_3.2_beta-->Feb 20, 2006
Al Lewis MAM_3.2_beta--> Feb 16, 2006
Brush Clearing MAM_3.2_beta--> Feb 4, 2006
Quickened MAM_3.2_beta --> Jan 4, 2006 (that didn't last long)
Vincent Schiavelli MAM_3.2_beta --> Jan 2, 2006
Viking MAM_3.2_beta --> Dec 27, 2005
spâte MAM_3.2_beta --> Dec 21, 2005
McVootie MAM_3.2_beta --> Dec 8, 2005
Anthropodermic Binding MAM_3.2_beta --> Dec 5, 2005
Razorblade Pyramid MAM_3.2_beta --> November 15, 2005
Nerdy Energy Sweater MAM_3.2_beta --> October 31, 2005
RADAR LOVE MAM_3.2_beta --> Oct 28, 2005
Video iPod MAM_3.2_beta --> Oct 21, 2005
Banana Bribe MAM_3.2_beta --> October 12, 2005
Time Thief MAM_3.2_beta --> October 8, 2005
Rumspringa MAM_3.2_beta --> October 3, 2005
D**N MAM_3.2_beta --> September 26, 2005
Lake George MAM_3.2_beta --> September 23, 2005
Puppy Purse MAM_3.2_beta --> September 5, 2005
Excerebration MAM_3.2_beta --> August 30, 2005
Former Child Star MAM_3.2_beta -->August 19, 2005
der brennende Mensch MAM_3.2_beta -->August 17, 2005
Necropolis Railway MAM_3.2_beta -->August 8, 2005
Feral Asparagus MAM_3.2_beta -->August 1, 2005
Half Blood-Prints MAM_3.2_beta --> July 25, 2005
Mixed Up Coffee Cake MAM_3.2_beta --> July 18, 2005
TINAGDTT MAM_3.2_beta --> July 11, 2005
AXJ MAM_3.2_beta --> July 5, 2005
Decaffeinated MAM_3.2_beta --> July 1, 2005
absulofantuspastic MAM_3.2_beta --> June 28, 2005
Lactivist's MAM_3.2_beta --> June 22, 2005
Haloperidol Blue Fairy MAM_3.2_beta - June 07, 2005
Bruce Spence MAM_3.2_beta --> June 02, 2005
Kha-Nyou MAM_3.2_beta --> May 23, 2005
Ugly Children MAM_3.2_beta
Burningman, AL MAM_3.2_beta
Sweet Edgar Love MAM_3.2_beta
Sweetmeats MAM_3.2_beta
Gold Buckskin Wincher MAM_3.2_beta
St. Jermaine MAM_3.2_beta
Day After MAM_3.2_beta
Tribe Moderators MAM_3.2_beta
Synthetic Yak MAM_3.2_beta
Too Many Bellydancers MAM_3.2_beta
Ash Event MAM_3.2_beta
Sinusoidally Infected MAM_3.2_beta
Hollywood Disneyland TV Trash MAM_3.2
Shirley Jones MAM_3.2_beta
Ink-Free By Choice MAM_3.2_beta
Tofurkey MAM_3.2_beta (11/25)
3-Ply Wit MAM_3.2_beta (02/12)
Thuggee Life MAM_3.2_beta (03/29)
Sugar-Free Candy MAM_3.2_beta (06/06)
Crafty Paper Snowflake MAM_3.2_beta (12/01)
Aunt JAMAM MAM_3.2_beta (11/30)
Softwood Lumber MAM_3.2_beta (date unknown)
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