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    While a student, Tycho lost part of his nose in a duel with broadswords with Manderup Parsbjerg, a fellow Danish nobleman. For the rest of his life, he was said to have worn a replacement made of silver and gold blended into a flesh tone, and used an adhesive balm to keep it attached.

    Tycho also had a tame elk, apparently during a dinner the elk had drunk a lot of beer and fell down the stairs, and died.

    Tycho died on October 24, 1601, several days after straining his bladder during a banquet. It has been said that to leave the banquet before it concluded, would be the height of bad manners and so he remained.
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      I have never forgotten Tycho Brahe's name as I remember the anecdote in astronomy class about him drinking beer with the king and it was considered rude to leave the king's company to urinate so he held it... and died three days later...
      I always wondered if my prof made that up... thank you atom and thank you wikipedia!
  • I loved these Tico-ticos even if my computer did crash after I'd listened to the first five or six of them.

    I'd forgotten that I had so many more to listen to after I stopped listening to them the other day, so I must go back and hear the rest later today.

    Thanks for the link!!!

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